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Business Details

   I am Ramakrishnan, 20 years of experienced vastu consultant of Tirupur district. I have built over 1000 buildings and have renovated more than 5000 buildings giving proper vastu details to my clients.

   I do clean a site, commence a building, dig borewell, fix door and roofing in an auspicious month, day, thithi, naksathra, yoga, lagna, and grahas positions from lagna which are mentioned in vedic shasthra. These help us to complete the building works without any difficulties.

   Many vastu books state that, time and place are not important. You can see some buildings being uncompleted, even it has been followed vastu rules. How does it happen? The reason is commencing time and place.

   When I started to research this shasthra, this was known as manayadi shasthram. Only in late 90s, it was known to common man in a name of vastu shasthram. Since then, many books are being written with different points by various writers.  Many vastu consultants are giving remedies by these books. One can become an expert by practicing for years not immediately after reading some books. There are lots of differences between theoretical and practical.
They don't know the techniques beyond the books due to lack of practical and spiritual knowledge. In addition to this, some books differ from each other due to show their peculiarity! It causes confusions among consultants.

Our Services

Results of Vastu:

   We can change our life when we begin a new building or begin alterations in our building at an auspicious time as per vastu principles. When we follow these we will get prosperity, health, fame, promotions, business developments, good kids, sudden fortunes, fulfillment, and can avoid debts, late marriages, loses in business, feuds, court cases, hospital expenses, and unexpected evil incidents. Even a small vastu remedy will give abundant fortunes to the building owner in practical.

Whom Should You Select?

     A sophisticated vastu consultant can tell the results of a building at one sight itself and can solve all the problems by giving prompt vastu remedies. He can prefer simple and exact low expense remedies and can save money and the beauty of your building or building.

About My Visit:

   Though I am an online vastu consultant, I give spot visit to Coimbatore, Avinashi, Pollachi,Tiruppur, Palladam, Erode, Salem, Palakkad, Palani, Oddanchatram, Dindigul,Dharapuram by online appointment. You may call to get appointment over my mobile no. 9976662555. My inspecting time may take 3 to 6 hours in your site.

What Can You Do, When You Are Far Away From Me!

  If you are 100kms away from Udumalpet, online consultation will be the best option. Only if any ‘therukkuththu’(street focus) or cuts or crooks are in your site, you have to send 3 photos to my mail id [email protected] with different angles as my suggestion. You can get my appropriate vastu plan as per your requirements by email soon after I finished my detailed mobile conversation with you. Moreover I select and send one of your model plans as per vastu doing proper changes in it. I give free online vastu consultations to solve your doubts which arise after I give my plan and till you finish your building work. Additionally I give auspicious times for above mentioned important works without any fees. The sketch will be in auto cad drawing and in pdf file. It will be sent to you in 2days.

Brief Introduction about Vastu:

  Vastu means “dwelling place”. Appeasing panja boothas (land, water, fire, air and sky) and activating them properly are called vastu works. In brief, making positive energies using the panja boothas is called as vastu work. It is an ancient Indian architecture too.

Residential Vastu

  Brahma sthana is one of the sensitive area in house vastu. It should be weightless, clean and even. This is a suitable sthana to locate pooja. If you are a business man you have to give special care to kubera sthana for improving financial position and transactions. Never locate toilets and kitchen in these areas!

  Finding directions using a magnetic compass in the site is must. Let a red color lamp burn in south east room always for appeasing agni. Keep wetness and open at north east side of the site. There are some plants and many flowers to make positive energy. Lighting diya (deepam) in ghee or sesame oil will give healing energy. Crystal salt and Himalayan salt will remove negative energies. The vastu dosa can do nothing severely in the site which surrounded by roads in four sides.

Industrial, Hotel, Shop, and Office Vastu

  EB room and generator room must be in suitable sthanas. Places of produced goods, raw materials are important thing for the improvement of the company. Heavy machines, heating process, quality improving and steam areas should be located in the perfected areas. No room should cut the north east part. Watchman room should not touch the east or north wall.

   In shops, silent ways will occur by putting cash table or movable goods. These ways will give almost same results like actual ways. You have to make silent ways in uchcha sthana. Moreover cash counter is an important one in commercial building. West in North West side entrance will give numerous customers to the service oriented companies, hospitals, shops etc.
Customer tables should be arranged from south west to north east direction. Cleaning section would be in North West.


   O.P sitting hall, emergency ward, operation theatre, doctor room, labs, staff quarters and main entrance must be located in proper sthanas. Customer tables should be arranged from south west to north east direction. Cleaning section would be in North West.

Vastu Plan

   I draw the detailed sketch consists sizes and places of: doors, windows, ventilators, low roofs, water and septic tanks, stair case, compound gate, outer toilets, plumber and electrical sketch to a new building. You can complete your building without any hesitation with the help of this detailed sketch and my mobile consultations.

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Vastu Consultants in Udumalpet , Tiruppur

  • Purnavastusasthram
  • Contact No. : 9976662555
  • Address :
    30, opp to TMB,
    Pollachi road,
    Tiruppur. ,642126
  • Business Details :

       I am Ramakrishnan, 20 years of experienced vastu consultant of Tirupur district. I h... view more

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