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Regrob.com is a fast growing real estate group buying website in India dealing in 
real estate group deals. Regrob takes its name from Real estate group buying. It’s a 
dedicated real estate group deals site, It aggregates the individual buyers to form a 
group which gets a group buying price from the builder’s side. Presently regrob.com is 
covering Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Dehradun, Shimla, Nainital 
and Mumbai etc. Regrob.com is being managed by passionate and professional 
management. The management team comprises of IIM and ICFAI alumni.

Advantages of using regrob.com:
It is an innovative idea which will boost-up the business you own, by:
• Huge cost savings for you in terms of marketing, sales and capital costs as the 
inventory is sold at a much faster pace than traditional marketing system. 
• Great deals for customers. Encouraged by the discounts offered in regrob.com, 
users are likely to turn into customers.
• Fast promotion. Regrob uses newsletter subscription to promptly announce new 
• Big discounts are greatly appreciated by people. They will be attracted to your 
brand and possibly turn into loyal customers.
• Potentially, you may gain repeated customers by the smoothness and consistent 
communication by regrob.com.
• Traffic is targeted and business receives valued customers.
• Popularity of regrob.com is exponentially growing. It’s affordable to have your 
products listed in a regrob

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Regrob is real estate Real Estate Agents in Generalganj , Kanpur

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